Palm Oil Prices Drop In International Market As Consumers Get No Relief

Palm Oil Prices Drop In International Market As Consumers Get No Relief|PakistanTribe.Com


LAHORE: Owners of ghee producing factories are not shifting the benefits to the users even though palm oil prices are decreased in International market.

Punjab government pressurized them to reduce the prices so after that they reduced it to Rs.15 but also with that salesman are getting commission of Rs.5 to Rs.7.

The manufacturers, producers, dealers and importers are beneficiaries of these higher profits. Punjab government has revealed that due to the fluctuation in prices the ghee producing owners have made profit of Rs.18 billion.

According to experts, oil prices should be reduced not just Rs. 15 but Rs. 40 per kilo. Government institutions will be responsible if this will not happen.

Salesmen say, “whenever the prices go up we get the new rates quite soon but it is not understandable why we have to wait for months to reduce the prices”.

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Owners of ghee producing factories have also adjusted the commissions for salesmen.

Besides, the owners have stated that we shift the benefits to user on time whenever the prices go down. There should be an audit process and whoever is responsible shall be punished.


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