We Have Smart Phones, Let’s Get A Smart Cup Too

We Have Smart Phones, Let’s Get A Smart Cup Too | PakistanTribe.com

We Have Smart Phones, Let’s Get A Smart Cup Too   |   PakistanTribe.comAre you a kind of person that is conscious about his/her diet and wants to keep in checking how many calories he/she consumed with any  drink or so. Here is a perfect solution for you go and grab a Smart Cup; you will love it as you love your smart phone with all its uses.

The smart cup knows exactly what you’re drinking – and tell you how many calories it contains and when you’ve had enough alcohol. Sounds surprising?

Health-related gadgets are all the rage these days, from smart wristbands to apps that track what you consume.

But this device that is called Vessyl, claims to be able to streamline the process by putting all the technology you need in a cup.

The product can accurately identify your drink, tell you how many calories you are consuming, let you know how hydrated you are, and alert you when it’s time to drink again.

It provides statistics on your drinks and can be synced with an app

The phrase smart cup may sound like yet another jargon-laden marketing ploy for a device that connects to your smartphone, but it really is a novel and amazing technology.

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