7 Things We All Hate

7 Things We All Hate

AngerWe go out and encounter so many things that we can’t even remember at the end of the day that how much we have been through. Amid few things that are able to grab our attention there are innumerable things that we despise and that make us red with anger. Oh now don’t pretend that you are super loving creature and never get annoyed by anything.

The following few are universally despised.

Parking anywhere

7 Things We All Hate  |  PakistanTribe.com
Wrong Car Parking

There are those rude and careless dudes who think the rules of parking don’t apply to them and they park their cars or bikes wherever they like – we really hope Karma kicks their ass.

Grammatical mistakes

GrammerSo, if you are the kind of person who doesn’t care about  grammatical mistakes – we hate you.

Unwanted notifications

Facebook Notifications
Facebook Notifications

If you’re like everyone else on Facebook, that think that you committed a mistake by commenting on any post and now you are getting millions of notifications about who else commented on the post. Like us you hate these notifications and would benefit from these instructions as to how to turn them off.

Late Replies

Screen-shot showing messages
Screen-shot showing messages

Damn it, Grandma. You know those people who decide to respond whenever it’s convenient for them, whether that’s two days or two years later – we encourage you to weed those people out of your life.

Group Texts

group-TextsYou know you’ve fallen victim to an out-of-control group text when you go workout and return to 62 notifications. Know when it’s time to “leave conversation.”

Speed bump

Road-BumpsThank you, speed bump. Thank you for the coffee spilled on my lap. Thank you for knocking my phone under my seat. Thank you for that adrenaline rush two hours too early. Thank you for scratching up the bottom of my front bumper. Thank you, speed bump…thanks for nothing.


PeopleYou know you think it, we’re just saying it. Why would we like people when we like Netflix, Pizza and beer so much more?

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