Words Mean Nothing When Your Actions Contradict

words and actionsDoing something for someone with a good intention is worthy but at the same time doing good for yourself is also necessary.


There is no doubt that serving and to be served are the pleasant universal facts but problem appears when we lose the meanings of our words and actions.

We usually discuss or listen that collective competency level is on the decline in society. Obviously it is due to the decline of abilities and capabilities at individual level but it’s the off-shoot not the basic reason, again it is losing the meanings of our words and actions.

It is also a fact that we are living in a negative and stereo-type society. Despite the presence of this moral killer in the society, many people consciously or after taking some inspiration, attempt to act and live positive and creative, but they lose their temper and again it happens when we lose the meanings of our words and actions.

We expect better from others in return of our good deeds but forget to lay down all foundation stones which include action, intention behind action and expecting nothing in return. This will lead us to become a demoralized and complainant personality and all this happened because we lose our focus from the meanings.

To conclude the discussion we have to believe that life is nothing without meanings and actions driven by good intentions. Words have their own strengths but without the power of purification at intention level they had nothing to do with the results.

In this situation the big question is: how to achieve the balance among words, actions and intentions? Answer is too simple for those who want to be positive toward life and the outcomes.

To avoid meaning-less life and intention-less actions we have to focus on communication gape, be ready to give allowances to others and show willingness to share some space for those new in the arena.

And in spite of all the negativity in the society we have to try to hold a firm grip on our words and actions.

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