Is Your Job Worth It ?

Is Your job Worth It ? |

  Is Your job Worth It ?  | A lot of us will never really ponder over our jobs precisely because of the fear of not getting another job. Besides, our attitude is almost always averse towards the change.

We have all sorts of fears regarding leaving our job and looking for another one.Also, economic circumstances may not permit us to do so. But we have to take the plunge, and reflect over it.

No matter how awesome experiences you have gone through while working there, or how many good friends you made you have to question that should you really be doing your job or move on somewhere else. As part of a meditative ritual we all have to think for ourselves that is it really wise to keep doing the same job even when there is no reason for it.

 Putting it differently, your job’s responsibility is not just to help you to earn livelihood. This is not at all a very viable incentive to be in your job. You need to evaluate things qualitatively as well. Quantity always is not praiseworthy.

Is your job allowing you  to live your passion ? Are your ambitions compatible with your job? Or there exist an extreme division between your passions and your work? Are you going in a right direction?

Is your profession really giving you a leisure time to do things you like and relax as well? Or your whole social and family life is badly affected because of it?

Perhaps this is why W.H. Davies, rightly complained;

    What is this life, if full of care,

    We have no time to stand and stare…

Here are some parameters against which you can measure the worthiness of your job. And evaluate it qualitatively in a better way;

  • Stagnation: nothing lies ahead. There is no place to go forward and make more progress. You can’t evolve. There are no prospects for change.
  • Lack of learning: You do not have any mentor or instructor who you can learn from. You have to do everything all by yourself. There is no one who can enable you to grow personally and professionally.
  • Lack of creativity: all the people around you just want to keep the things the way they are, they are not interested in doing something differently or are not open to new ideas.
  • Lack of harmony: you are just and insignificant part of the whole. You cannot use your mind and heart at work together in a harmony. You just have to work like a machine.
  • Boss: your boss and you do not understand each other. Both of you are so mismatched as a team. You cannot progress in your professional life.
  • Lack of enjoyment: you do not find your work enjoyable. Its just seem like a boring and monotonous responsibility.

There fore, Always remember  your job should assist you in you personal growth and development. It shouldn’t hinder your personal and professional progress and prosperity. If it does, it’s time to quit the job.

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