US Initiated War On False Evidences, Snowden Claims

US copyMASCO – After the incident of September 11, 2001 United States (US) has adopted unrealistic and divorce policies in many ways, claimed by Edward Snowden, a former US intelligence agent, in his interview to a Swiss television channel RTS.

He said it is a dilemma that after the attack of terrorists on its territory US resolute to start war on false information.

On the other hand, Lord John Prescott of Britain also blames the Western forces upon the extremism in the Middle East and said that these are the results of inappropriate policies of West in the region.

While discussing the Western involvement in the Middle East as well as its links with Israeli crimes in Gaza, in his article published in Daily Mirror Mr. Prescott admits that Israeli government and the West has played a major role in spreading extremism in the young generation.

He also blames the UK for spreading radicalization and extremism in the society. While putting himself in the current situation as a young Muslim he said, he too could be radicalized because of ‘injustice’ in Gaza and drone strikes of US in Syria

John Prescott has faces a lot of criticism over his statements. Former minister and British Politician Tim Loughton said Mr. Prescott was playing into the hands of ISIS and ‘acting as an apologist for terror’.

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