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happiness copyIf your answer is yes, then let us tell you how to get happiness without spending.

We are living in an era where there are numerous resources to keep and to be happy. Still, many cannot get the real pleasure. Pleasure usually linked to money, but we observed many times in our life that even financially strong people are suffering from a weird anxiety and sadness.

Only through 12 things you can live a happy and full of joy life and the funny thing is that the dollar or any kind of money has nothing to do with it. Happiness is a “bird” which is for us often very hard to get and if one able to obtain it even then it is very difficult to control, especially in an era where money’s race is on.

Harvard’s Dr. Robert has taken the view that “Money alone can buy you happiness, but not much” which shows that happiness has nothing to do with money. These are just our fancy thoughts. Pleasures relate to our surroundings and our friends. Viewing the experimental results of psychologists and my own personal experiences I tried to understand the joy.

As a human being I got 12 techniques, ways or sources to find happiness and will also help in creating a fresh, pleasant environment. It is not necessary that you have a very big thank goodness someone on. Very small things and very little importance should also benefit. People have to recognize that they live in gratitude of playlists.

Firstly, one should get into the habit of being grateful.

It is not necessary that you should have a very big reason to say thanks. Importance should be given to the very small things and very little benevolence as well.

Research physicists said that people, who respect others, give respect and gratitude to others live a more happy life. Such people can sustain pressure. It is possible to say thanks on little things. For example, delicious food, a good book on the gift, even a stranger’s smile should also be thanked. Rather we are the followers of a religion where smile is considered as a charity.

Secondly, get yourself busy in your engagements and let yourself sink in that context.

We find ourselves lost while reading and running and when it happens we find the real concentration and satisfaction which in turn proved useful and creative.

Thirdly, smile more, if you do not feel good and having a bad day.

 It is quite possible that you chair up yourself. For that at some good place, try to think of a charming personality who can bring a smile on your face. With reference to that, according to the research of Positive Psychology Center of the University of Pennsylvania, one can find happiness and satisfactions in “physical action of smile”. Even if you just stretch your faces muscles and not smile intentionally.

Till now scientists do not fully explained that why people feel the joy just in the Action of Smile.  But it has been suggested that the smile is linked with muscle, and it keeps the blood flow in the upper part of the brain which releases dopamine, a pleasure chemical of brain. Therefore laugh generously while watching comedy film, drama or program. Now laughter center has also been created, where people do a Laughter Therapy which is a Happy and Healthy workout.

Fourthly, admit mistakes.

We are not complete and it is natural that we make mistakes. We should not deny our mistakes and should wrap our ego and should learn from those mistakes so that we can move forward and can make possible improvements.

It can be a bonus for you; people might start like you more. According to Dr. Elliot Arsene, a social physiologist, mistakes makes people able to attract others and make them more human for others. Despite prove ourselves correct, we should learn from our mistakes.

Fifthly, always keep an optimistic attitude.

Instead of unhappy and pessimist people happy people adopt an optimistic attitude even in difficult times. Psychologist Dr. Marie Tan described optimistic people as: “Reacting to problems with confidence and high personal ability”. Overall to stay happy and healthy hope is a basic component. Whenever in doubt, look to the bright side.

Number six, join social clubs.

Recently, the research found that the social relations are the strongest practice for happiness. It is stronger than wealth and money. Dr. Robert said good friends cause joy as three times the salary. You can gain much from Social Clubs. It gives the message that social support makes you feel happy. When people take social relationships positively it can enhance their age.

Seventhly, learn to say.

The people who say yes to everything, they used to remain under pressure and they do not even get time to take care of themselves. Before doing any commitment, first ask yourself that can give your best? If the answer is no then learn to say no. Sometimes not saying “no” and the popular desire of becoming the most favored can distorted personality.

Eighthly, spend some time in silence.

In the era of modern technology and eases we should spend some time away from technology. Lively people know that it is their birthright to spend some time in silence to find comfort. Spend even five minutes of your time for this. This will increase your self-esteem.

Ninthly, adopt the habit of forgiveness.

To forgive does not mean that whatever happened was just. This means you do not want to go further with this problem. Stanford University’s Dr. Fred has done a project on the subject said to pardon is such an experience, which can establish peace in the present situation.

Tenthly, you should always try something new.

Those who stay happy do hesitate to go beyond their limitations and would continue to experience new things. According to psychologist Dr. Rich Walker, those who do different types experiments, they have more positive emotions than those who are less experimental.

Eleventh, every morning look in the mirror and say i love you to yourself.

 For most of us love ourselves is a big challenge and is a major obstacle to our happiness. Most of us usually hear about ourselves that we are not successful; we are not able or are not worthy, which in turn make us believe ourselves in fact an unprofitable and dumb. The truth is that you are a lot of you and you are so much in your life. Try it today; I am sure that you will start love yourself. You will end up hating yourself.

Finally, helping others and to help does not mean that you left all your work to help.

Even with all your engagements you can make people happy rather in fact can become a reason of your own happiness. Famous philosophers once bring people together and said people! I have found the secret through which human society may become a pleasant one. This is that everything in the universe is for others. Trees do not eat its fruit; rivers do not drink the water of the river itself, these springs, summers and songs all are for others. A good life is where you think about others. Even these words of mine and this article should be considered as interpreting the same spirit and intention.

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