Nutritionist Gets Money To Cast Coke As A Healthy Food

CokeNEW YORK  – The world’s biggest brew company Coca Cola is working with the food nutritionist and dietitian to help cast the beverage as a healthful diet. Whereas, the Coke, has been heavily criticized to fan the fire of obesity and other ailments.

It is noted that, many of the experts wrote online for American Heart Month, saying that Coca Cola is an ideal snack.

The news and information that is published on various blogs, websites and even in newspaper unveil the story that how food companies tries to make their products appear as healthy.

Professionals of ‘The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’, has encoded, that Product Promotion and endorsement can only be done in a way that is neither false nor misleading. Ryan O’Malley, Spokesman of the academy, said he couldn’t say whether the posts about Coke being a healthful food are in accordance with those guidelines. For, a formal procedure is followed to submit and review such cases.

On one hand, Robyn Flipse, who wrote article for Coke – in which she suggested that mini-cans of Coke are healthy – said, she would have written the article even if she was not paid.

On the other, another dietitian, Sylvia Melendez-Klinge, said that it’s necessary that the health professionals should share their views regarding food products. She further added that she can’t remember if she was being paid for writing in favor of Cola drink. Indirectly, denying the accusation of being paid by the company.

Coca-Cola said it desires to “help people make decisions that are right for them” and that like other food companies, it works with health experts “to help bring context to the latest facts and science around our products and ingredients.” It declared that any information by the experts Coca Cola works with have the appropriate disclosures.

However, whether or not Coca Cola is a healthy snack as claimed by some nutritionists remains highly debatable. Unless, some experts conduct an independent study regarding the sugary drink it can’t be labeled as a healthy drink.

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