Pouring Out Your Heart or Destroying Your Children’s Future

Pouring Out Your Heart or Destroying Your Children's Future

Pouring Out Your Heart or Destroying Your Children's Future

Have you ever thought that you are not pouring out your heart, but are destroying your children’s future?

It’s not a new for any parent that their each and every move would cause a positive or negative impact on the personality of their children.

Psychologist Dr. N. Kumar Naik has warned that dissimilarities and conflicts between parents would have a negative impact on their children.

Some time ago, a 14-year-old girl in the Horn, tried to commit suicide due to constant fights, conflict, and violence between their parents. Fortunately she was rescued, but it then raises the question that such kind of domestic issues are badly affecting children Psychology.

In our family system clash between parents is taken normal, but it mostly affects innocent child. Dr. Naik said that parents should not fight in front of children.

Study shows that such type of events turns a child in an anti-social personality. But it can become more serious when these children become parents and do the same practice with their family Dr. Kumar Naik has said that it is like a circle, when these children grow up to become parents they will behave like their parents. It is a considerable issue that why parents gets out control in such kind of situations. Emotions vary with a change in circumstances. Now a days youngsters attempts to resolves conflicts through violence.

This kind of situation is common in rural areas. In today’s busy family lifestyle stress (depression) is a common factor.

Dr. Kumar Naik spoke of a father whom had two children and was a hardcore and was not able to get much time to spend with family. Workload, lack of sleep and irritability had risen to a great extant. Due to his constant bad mood he had a routinely fight with his wife.

Dr. Kumar Naik said people suffer with psychological problems with the usage of alcohol which eventually grows doubts among spouses. Fights are the obvious result of such circumstances. And while talking about its impact on children Dr. Kumar Naik said that sometimes children express their anger in way which eventually fuels the condition such as they start acting violently, get engaged in criminal activities or become a part of some criminal gang.

Dr. Kumar Naik told story about a 14 years boy who was very poor in his academic performance and was used to stolen from his house and was addicted to Marijuana. His alcoholic father was the reason of his bad behavior. Conflict between parents affects children differently. Sometimes they do not take part in social activities, become victim of stress, headache, abdominal pain, ulcers etc.

It appears in the study of a Psychologist Martin that a conflict between the parents makes their children less interactive with others. Such children got very vulnerable social skills. They suffer with lack of confidence. It also effects them in educational field. Dr. Kumar Naik said that parents should control their emotions and should try to solve problems in a civilized manner. In this regard they should consult some professional expert.

To build a relationship based on trust families should sit together to discuss the causes of these issues. This is important to preserve the family.

Some awareness program regarding the effects of parental dispute should initiate at school level.

Especially teachers should be trained on how they should treat the children who are suffering through parental dispute?  Students who are emotionally hurt should also console.

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