Cricket World Cup 2015; Rameez Raja Is Not Happy On PCB Deciosion For Yasir Shah

Cricket World Cup 2015; Rameez Raja Is Not Happy For PCB Deciosion For Yasir Shah.PakistanTribe.Com

Cricket World Cup 2015; Rameez Raja Is Not Happy For PCB Deciosion For Yasir Shah.PakistanTribe.Com

KARACHI – Rameez Raja – a former test cricketer – said that it is a mistake of Pakistani Team Management to exclude Yasir Shah from team after the match with India.

Rameez Raja said that earlier PCB had not include Sarfaraz in team and now the same story is being repeated with Yasir Shah.

“Pakistan had already made a big blunder by not allowing Sarfaraz to play the initial matches and now Yasir has been excluded,”he said while he was talking to some international media outlet.

“Sarfaraz should have been allowed to play long ago,” he highlighted the mistake. “If he manages to play a big innings against Australia, it will benefit Pakistani Team to a great deal” he predicted.

“I am saddened by strategy of team management for including leg spinner Yasir Shah in the match against India but not in other matches,” he continued. “Also, Yasir Shah is good in taking wickets and such a bowler is needed.”

He further contended given that Yasir shah should have been allowed to play against Ireland as Irish Team is weak against the spinners.

He raised a question about inclusion of leg spinners in team that if leg spinners are not included in the Match against Australia than when we will utilize them.

He diverted towards upcoming match as he said Pakistani Team entered Quarter Final with unnecessary pressure; it could have won the match against West Indies. So, it would not have had to play against Australia.

Pakistan has to play the match in Australia, it is tough but the pressure will be on Australian team, he said.

‘Teams are sacred of Pakistani Bowling’, Raja said, ‘If Pakistani batsman could bear Mitchel Strac, the rest of the 40 overs will be easier for them.

He further argued that, pulling out Yousin Khan is unfair. If a senior Cricketer is not selected to play, it is the end of his career. Pakistani Team needs him in Test matches but whether or not to play One day cricket is his own decision.

Talking about the captain Misbah Ul Haq, he said, he will be remembered as a silent and shrewd captain instead of being remembered as record-maker who played while remaining in his own limits and utilized the resources accordingly.

Pakistan has to take a step forward and shun its old approach and reassert the team with a new mentality, he suggested.

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