What Do Successful People Do During Their Weekly Holidays?


Time management expert Laura Vanderkam in his new book “What the Most Successful People Do before Breakfast?” has revealed these secrets, which can be a best source to utilize the weekends useful and healthier.

(The following article includes those eight worthwhile and helpful tips that can make your week complete and memorable.)

(1) Change your routine altogether!

Your weekly holiday engagements should be completely different from your week days. On holidays do your favorite work which you cannot do otherwise? As an illustration, the famous chef Marcus plays football on Sundays; famous TV correspondent Blmyk Gown cuts firewood for fuel. Such as the famous architect Rafael Venuly plays piano. The reason is that works out of routine frees your body and mind from stress and increases mental and physical performance.

(2) Make Plans!

In today’s busy world if you are not creating plans to make your weekend useful and different day so it means that you will spend your day doing nothing except watching TV or using the internet is. If you spend your weekend without any regular plan you will get tired and being cooped. But plan making does not mean that you sit down and start planning for every moment of your day. This only means to set three to five priorities because it would create opportunities for our interest and pleasure, while psychological research also makes it clear that event occurrence on holidays are more enjoyable then usual days.

(3) Make Sunday nights interesting!

On Sunday nights instead of thinking Monday morning and wasting time thinking about something which can bring delight to you. It will make your vacation complete and will impact positively on the entire week’s activities. You can have a meal with your family or can take a yoga class or do a voluntarily help to the poor. These are seemingly trivial activity, but the results are very lively.

(4) Make Sunday morning lively!

Usually we abandon our holidays while performing small tasks like sweeping and washing. But if you wake up in the morning before your family it will be very helpful in creating moments of happiness for you. You can jog in the morning, can play cricket. This two to three hours routine will not affect your family life. But it is possible that if you do such activities each day, will affect your family life.

(5) Make your own traditions!

Happy families have their own practices or traditions, for which they do not need a plan. For instance everyone is aware that Friday is the day to participate in religious ceremonies, outdoor dinners are arranged on Saturday nights, morning walk on Sunday and so forth. These are such values which creates beautiful memories and joys.

(6) Do siesta!

This is not only important for children, but efforts should be made that all family sleeps in the afternoon for a short time. In this busy life it is a fruitful source of comfort to the body.

(7) Set the work!

We know that you are thinking that why we have to do house chores when we have something else to do. Instead of extending the work till the end of the holiday wind it up, so that it cannot destroy your whole vacation. Reserve your time to finish up your work; you can finish it even when you are waiting for children to return. By finishing the work early you can find time for your favorite activates.

(8) Establish less use of computer, mobile and other technology!

Technology is useful for your mind, but if you leave the use of computer, smart phone and Internet for a while it will let you fix your other duties. It will provide the opportunity to sit together with wife, children, relatives. If it is necessary to work on holiday even then find some spare time rather than spent all day in reading and writing e-mail.

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