Should I Build My House or Buy?

Should I Build My House or Buy? |

Should I Build My House or Buy? | PakistanTribe.comAnyone of us who has sufficient amount in hand however is living in a rented home, always has the same question in his mind? Should I purchase land and build my house or buy one out of many ready-made ones available in the market?

It is undoubtedly a difficult task to decide between the two options however, it totally depends on your budget as well as your daily life activities. There are many things that you need to keep in mind while deciding between any of these options. Each has its pros and cons so you need to figure out what would best suit you. Below are the pros and cons of buying a readymade house and building your own house:

Benefits of Building Your House:

  • An Ideal Place to Live In: When you build your own house, you purchase the piece of land that best suits your expectations and budget. There are many things you consider while purchasing land such as the location of town where you buy land needs to be near to your workplace for ease of conveyance every day. Besides, it needs to be nearby markets, schools, medical centers and all other facilities and should be at a short distance from the entertainment venues.
  • Ease of Finding Competitive Prices: When you build your home, you get the freedom of finding best rates for your land. Finding competitive property prices is no longer a hassle due to the booming of e-commerce industry in the region. You can visit online property portals such as homespakistan to find out the lands that are for sale within your budget in your city or in your desired town. This would help you finding the land that best suits your needs within your budget.
  • Living in a Fully Customized Home: Building your home involves hiring the services of professional architect and interior designer. This would help you getting a fully customized dream home made for you. Whether you like larger or smaller rooms, open or walled kitchen, large or small terrace, contemporary or traditional fittings or anything, you get complete freedom of customizing each and every part of your home as per your requirements.

Drawbacks of Building Your House:

  • Time Consumption: The most negative factor involved in building your house is the time it requires on daily basis as well as the time it would need for the house to complete. This factor is the reason which discourages many people into building homes. Whether you have your own business or work at some organization, you will have to spare sufficient time for supervising your home construction despite handing over the responsibility to a professional construction firm. Besides, it would take sufficient time with the architect before you finalize layout plan for your home.
  • Legal Documentation: Before you can start constructing your home, you will have to go through a great deal of legal documentation, which includes approval of layout plan from the concerned authorities and grant of permission for any special features or construction that you may require. Besides, the installation of electricity meter, gas meter and water connection are also time consuming and hectic tasks that need a lot of time and effort.

Benefit of Buying Ready-made House:

  • Saving of Time: While you buy a ready-made house, you do not need going through all the hassle of layout plans, legal documentation, daily visits to the construction site and much more. All you need is finding a house for sale that best suits your needs and purchasing it to move in right away. This way you save all the hassle and time.

Drawback of Buying Ready-made House:

  • No Customization: When you buy a ready-made house, you need accepting it the way it is or you’ll have to spend a lot of money on its customization. People who accept things around them only in a specific way should get their own house constructed instead of opting for a ready-made one. However, those who can easily adopt changes should go for a ready-made one.

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