Brother Kills Sister For Honor; Son Murders Mother Over Domestic Issue

A man committed suicide after killing his daughter|

Brother Kills Sister For Honor; Son Murders Mother Over Domestic Issue

SHEIKHUPURA – A brother in Tariq Road Colony kills his sister for honor whereas in another case a son murdered his mother over minor domestic issue, PakistanTribe learnt through televised media reports.

Police sources told media that a brother killed his sister for honor in Muhallah (colony) Tariq Road of Sheikhupura. He hit her with a hard stick on her head which caused her immediate death.

In another report from the same city but different colony, a son opened gun fire to his mother over a minor domestic issue which caused the sudden death of mother.

Police registered First Information Report of these two cases and arrested the responsible.

The number of honor killings have been increasing rather than decreasing in many parts of the world. Every year thousands of innocent women are killed all over the world.

Many tribal traditions, for example karo-kari in Sindh maintain such violent practices. It is tragic that many police officers, judges and politicians are more sympathetic to the murderers than the victims and support them on the name of family honor and tribal tradition.

In 2008, Israr-ullah Zehri, a Pakistani politician of Baluchistan defended honor killings of 5 women belonging to Umrani tribe. He had the audacity to say in the parliament, “These are centuries-old traditions and I will continue to defend them. Only those who indulge in immoral acts should be afraid.”

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