Christmas 2013: Deck the Hall with Boughs of Holly!

Christmas 2013: Deck the Hall with Boughs of Holly! | PakistanTribeIt happens at Christmas every year. Outcome the boxes of tinsel, the tree ornament and the Crèche. Off go everyone, adults and children alike, looking for trinkets and other evergreens to decorate their homes in festive style.

Even the grumpiest and the Grinch, who moan and groan for a while want to be a part of history by playing their role.

Christmas calls for renovation, revamping and redecorating the house. As New Year falls only a week after it, there’s all the more reason to retouch home décor because New Year gets us all geared up to discard bad habits and unnecessary clutter in life. Most people go as far as changing curtains, carpets and mattress too. Christmas is the time for renewal, and the renewal of spirit is reflected in the lifestyle we live accessorized by our home décor.

With long working hours, season’s cuisine to take care of, shopping and urge to go caroling around the town gives us little time to analyze what’s best when it comes to shopping. Remember there are no short cuts to happiness. Most people try to save on their budget by shopping at ordinary retail stores. The accessories that are supposed to last year long or at least till Easter that falls during spring loses its luster and grandeur because the price paid does not guarantee quality. We have to admit, none of us is willing to extravagantly spend more than once during a year. It would be silly to say ‘money cannot buy happiness’ and even spiritual snobs admit ‘Christmas can get expensive with all the presents and decorations even if we have saved all year long.’

“Making decoration at home is a great way to save money and spend time with your family but honestly no one has ample of time for that these days, especially for working mothers. On top of that, when it comes to upholstery it’s wise to pick a furniture and bedding showroom that promises quality stuff under one roof. It helps saves money and time,” says Magdalene Blazey a working mother and banker.

With interior décor outlets sprouting around the town, we have endless choice to choose from. Price and quality, however, remain an important question. One of the best spots to hit this Christmas is Master Celeste showroom. Offering wide range of products from customized mattresses to  beds, pillow, sofa cum beds and accessories like table lamps, columns, side tables and bed sheets, it provides one-stop solution especially when you’re planning to upgrade your bedding and furniture.

What makes shopping at Master Celeste showroom a pleasure is that one can get an absolute customized sleep system with  to every individual’s needs. The customized sleep system with a revolutionary idea of “his/her” side, is incorporated into mattress technology for each partner to enjoy the requisite amount of support for enjoying a comfortable sleep. Additionally, the wide range of pillows and cushions give one a chance to review and experience the product before purchasing it.  “Sofa cum Beds supported by premium quality foam not only enhance the look of your lounge but relieve you from the hassle of keeping an additional bed for any ‘expected’ unexpected arrival during the festive season. Investment in an upscale item will save thousands for years to come,” commented Iram Naeem – a home maker and freelance home decorator.

Review Master Celeste Showroom | PakistanTribe“There are a many things we overlook. We massively concentrate on shopping for clothes and traditional cuisine. All fun and frolic gets though when we forget to concentrate on ourselves. It’s all the tougher when you’re a working professional at the same time. Relaxors are must have because it helps when we sit for long hours making batter for cake and cookies, or while decorating the tree or rest for a hot cup of coffee by the mistletoe. I find Molty Relaxor Cushion helpful because the arms of this soft and firm relaxor hold the back for an ultimate support,” said Beulah Wilson full time worker at a textile design house.

Christmas is time for good cheer and the history of decorating the house or work place at Christmas is as old as time itself. Over the years, traditions are merging adding fun and frolic to the festivity of the season. Jolly Christmas music sets the mood and compliments the décor while uplifting the spirits. Yet, traditional decorations and style will never go out of trend. Giving attention to minor details for our own comfort and well-being perfects the mood and adds an extra jingle while we deck the hall with boughs of holly.

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