Imran Khan in no mode to give easy passage to Election Commission

Imran Kha in no mode to give easy passage to Election Commission | PakistanTribeISLAMABAD – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has welcomed the acceptance of the PTI petition by the Supreme Court of Pakistan for the verification of votes on four seats of the National Assembly through thumb impressions.

He said this step will usher in a real democracy in the country. Imran Khan stressed that no democracy is possible without transparent elections in the country.

While talking to media persons after the hearing of his plea pertaining to the thumb verification in four constituencies of National Assembly including NA-110, NA-122, NA-125 and NA-154 outside the Supreme Court Imran said that if the transparent elections are held then the country would be put on the right direction and new Pakistan would come into being.

He said that if the details of the rigging are brought before the masses prior to the local bodies elections then the masses would come to know how polls were rigged and what steps should be taken for stopping rigging in future. He said the acceptance of plea for hearing by chief justice is first step, adding that the government itself accepted that 60 to 70 thousand votes on every constituency are unverified.

Imran said if elections are going to be conducted in future like past elections then this exercise is useless, adding that in India there are 400 million voters but all parties accept the polling results but in Pakistan all parties leveled allegations of rigging in previous elections.

Earlier, talking to media on his arrival at the Supreme Court, PTI chief clarified that his party only accepted May 11election results due to the dilapidated state of the country’s then.

He said election commission and election tribunals were failed to provide justice to PTI, adding that have good hopes from Supreme Court. He said that if the rigging was not done in past elections then why opponents are scared from the recounting. He said that if election tribunal makes some decision PML-N winning candidates take stay order from the high court. He said that the Supreme Court should decide matter of four constituencies, adding that 10 years would be required for the verification on 272 constituencies.

Khan fears massive rigging in upcoming LB polls in Punjab, adding that there is no need of elections corrupted by rigging.

He said his party was ready to hold recount in any of KPK constituency if JUIF wants.

“Supreme Court is the only institution that ensures the provision of justice. And that is why we have come here to seek justice”, Khan added.

Imran said democracy cannot flourish until transparent elections were held in the country.

Referring to Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar s order to transfer finger print verification to election commission, he said it was the responsibility of the NADRA, not election commission.

Imran Khan said all political parties stated that the general elections were rigged but the tribunal didn’t take any notice of it.

He said he hoped the new chief justice will provide fair justice.
There were 400 petitions against the general elections in election tribunal, PTI chief added. He said PTI is bringing bio-metric system in KPK. Replying a question he said that the prices of commodities are high due to the prices of petrol, electricity and diesel, adding that all these things are under the control of federal government.

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