JI to initiate legal proceedings against Najam Sethi

JI to initiate legal proceedings against Najam Sethi | Pakistan TribeLAHORE – Jamaat-e-Islami Spokesman Dr Farid Ahmed Paracha, has strongly condemned the allegations levelled by journalist Najam Sethi in a private TV programme, including that of supporting Gen. Ziaul Haq and receiving funds from the ISI, and said the JI reserved the right to initiate legal proceedings against Sethi.

In a rejoinder issued on Monday, Farid Paracha said certain so-called intellectuals were trying to create unrest and anarchy in the country so as fulfill foreign agenda. He said the JI’s struggle for the restoration of democracy was a matter of record and it had offered huge sacrifices against dictatorial rule.

In a rejoinder issued on Monday, Farid Paracha said that Najam Sethi was out of his senses most of the time and did not know what he was saying.

Farid Paracha said as for joining Ziaul Haq government, it was the Pakistan National Alliance (PNA) and not the JI which joined that government. And the parties’ included the Muslim League as also the Pakistan Democratic Party headed by late Nawabzada Nasrullah Khan. Therefore, blaming JI alone for joining Ziaul Haq was a clear act of dishonesty.

He further pointed out that during Ziaul Haq rule, JI had suffered the most as JI mayor of Karachi was unlawfully removed and JI student wing, Islami Jamait-e-Talaba was penalised the most.

Piracha pointed out that the JI had repeatedly denied of having received any funds from the ISI. He said, Najam Sethi’s allegation that former JI Ameer, late Qazi Husain Ahmed had confessed of having received ISI funds, was frivolous and concocted. In fact, Qazi Sahib himself had filed a petition in the Supreme Court challenging this allegation. He said, the JI had challenged the political parties to produce any proof in this regard but no such evidence was ever produced before the court.


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