Pak-India, Angry Neighbours And New Confidence Building Measures

Pak-India, Angry Neighbours And New Confidence Building Measures.PakistanTribe.Com

Pak-India, Angry Neighbours And New Confidence Building Measures.PakistanTribe.Com

ISLAMABAD/ NEW DELHI – Traditional rivals and angry neighbours to set on another peace talk sessions as New Delhi, after the Pakistan disclosed all proves of Indian involvement in militancy, sends top diplomat to Islamabad on March 3.

US President’s visit to India shaken the power balance between regional countries as Obama had ensured India for full support in permanent seat in Security Council.

The US struggles for India are matter of concern for Pakistan and China. Pakistan has security concerns form India as many times involvement of Indian spy agencies in militancy in Pakistan has been observed. Permanent seat in Security Council will surely lead India to be a policeman in the region.

US President’s presence in the Republic Day of ‘world’s largest democracy’ was in fact a message for Beijing.

“The West is egging India on to be fully prepared for “threats” posed by its large neighbor. Considering the fact that both sides still have territorial disputes and will probably have wider engagement at many levels, this so-called rivalry between India and China will not stop making headlines in Western media,” GlobalTimes of china, terming the event as ‘Trap’, had stated then.

Meanwhile, Pakistan, the country fighting against terrorism, many times openly accused Indian spy agencies to be involved in militancy in Pakistan both directly and through Afghanistan.

Increasing tensions on the eastern border, US-India nuclear deal, Pakistan’s concerns over Indian aggression. China also holds reservation on somewhat changed Indian role in the twilight of US President’s visit. As Chinese state news agency Xinhua had stated that the visit was “more symbolic than pragmatic”. These diplomatic signals cannot be neglected in regional political scenario.

Pakistan, an irreplaceable friend of China, has invited Chinese President for Pakistan Day parade and Chinese Foreign Minister had ensured his presence at National Occasion.

Situation will surely change with the Chinese President visiting Pakistan on 23rd March. A think tank conducting research on South Asian politics stated “the China is entering into its ‘New Great Game’ as Pakistan, without consent of Beijing, had immediately announced Chines President’s visit to encounter US-India relation and China had responded positively.”

However, Indian diplomat’s visit to Pakistan might be an attempt from the ‘friendly neighbor’ to normalize the relations.

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