Beauty Tips Series; Seven-Day Beauty Plan, Day-5

Beauty Tips Series; Seven-Day Beauty Plan, Day-5,PakistanTribe.Com

Beauty Tips Series; Seven-Day Beauty Plan, Day-5,PakistanTribe.Com

Beauty is one of the most important aspect of our lives. Almost every one wants to look beautiful in every possible way especially ladies. Now a days, ladies are useing chemical made products which harm their skins. It is a proper time to relaunch old HOME REMEDIES.

In a ‘Seven day beauty plan’, First day was the use of Papaya, Second Day was about Epsom Salt, Third Day was the use of Honey with some brown sugar and  olive oil, fourth day was about use of cucumber, here is day 5, about lemon and brown sugar.

DAY 5:


1 Lemon

1 tbl spoon Brown Sugar

Take one lemon and cut it into two halves. Squeeze one half in to glass of hot water, drink it and put some brown sugar on other half and rub it over the darker areas of face and body. If you don’t have brown sugar at home, you can also use salt instead. It will help to clean the pores deeply and is a great toner too.

Take bath with hot water and use loofah for scrubbing body. Loofah is dried form of a vegetable, from cucumber family (tori) which is homemade and is also easily available in markets. You can also use body scrubbers available in markets. It will remove dead skin.


Lemon is an amazing thing that we have in our kitchens. It is a multipurpose fruit. It lowers high blood pressure, soothes tooth ache and cleanses teeth, cures cholera and malaria, stops internal bleeding and nose bleeds, provides relieve to cold and fever, relieves respiratory and breathing problems and also heals corns.

It contains vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin  c,  vitamin A and E. which are important antioxidant in nature. That is the major reason of it’s being skin protector. It helps to heal sunburns, helps to lose weight, reduces dandruff and gives natural shine to hair, provides relaxation to foot, keeps your skin blemish free and helps to fade blemish .


It contains lower amount of calories than refined sugar, which makes it good for diet as it helps to maintain weight.It removes  dead skin cells and materials that clog the pores from your body. It is used successfully for skin treatment. It moisturizes skin and vitamin B protects your skin from aging effects.


Never leave wet loofah in moist place, as wet places are a place for bacteria to grow. Hang it on a dry place and it would be better if you microwave it after 15 days. it will kill bacteria and will protect you from skin infection.

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