Beauty Tips Series; Seven-Day Beauty Plan, Day-3

Beauty Tips Series; Seven-Day Beauty Plan, Day-3.PakistanTribe.Com

Beauty Tips Series; Seven-Day Beauty Plan, Day-3.PakistanTribe.Com

Beauty is one of the most important aspect of our lives. Almost every one wants to look beautiful in every possible way especially women. Now a days, women use chemical made products which harm their skins. It is a proper time to relaunch old HOME REMEDIES.

DAY 3:

Your skin is the most worthy to take care of. Skin care is necessary not only for working women but also for house hold ladies. Cleansing is the easier and healthier thing to be done with your skin. Your skin requires a few minutes of yours daily.

There is another home remedy for you to look elegant.


• Honey

• Lemon juice

• Olive oil

• Brown sugar

Take 2 table spoons of honey, 2 table spoon lemon juice, a few drops of olive oil and a pinch of brown sugar. Make a fine mixture and apply it on your face for 10-15 minutes. Rinse it with cold water.

Then take 2 tea bags (either used or unused), freeze it and then put it around your eyes for 5-6 minutes. It will help to reduce dark around your eyes.


Honey soothes cough, boosts memory, helps to heal up wounds, and provides nutrients, relieves seasonal allergies, kills antibiotic resistant bacteria, resolves scalp problem and dandruff and also an anticancer.

Lemon water flushes out toxins and is truly beneficial for our body. Lemon with warm water helps to maintain PH level, stops pathogenic bacteria that cause infection, and also helps to cure common cold.

Its immense benefit to skin is it stops wrinkles and aging effects to the skin. Olive oil is a major remedy for weight loss it controls diabetes, saves skin, boosts hair growth and reduces dandruff, strengthens immune system and also reduces chances for heart disease Raw sugar is very good for diet.

Its intake makes you slimmer and makes your skin look good.

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