Born Today: Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Today marks the 60th birth anniversary of American entrepreneur and inventor Steve Jobs.
Born on 24th February, 1955, Steve Jobs is known for co-founding “Apple”. This company, under his leadership produced groundbreaking technological equipments such as iPads and iPhones.

Born as Steven Paul Jobs in San Francisco, California, to Joanne Schieble and Syrian father Abdulfattah “John” Jandali, who were graduate students at the University of Wisconsin, the two however did not raise Jobs and gave him up for adoption.

It was after his birth that his biological parents tied the knot later on the two had a daughter together as well.

He was then adopted by a couple, Clara and Paul Jobs who named the infant “Steven Paul Jobs”. The family of three lived in Mountain View, California, within the vicinity that now is known as  Silicon Valley. From is early childhood, the young Steve and his father who was a machinist would together work on machines and electronic items in their garage. This probably how he developed an interest in electronics and mechanical equipment.

In the early 1970s, Jobs met his future business partner Steve Wozniak through a mutual friend. Jobs started college after high school however, after six months he dropped out. In the next few months, he took different classes, one particular class on calligraphy instilled his instilled in him the interest of typography.

After sometime, Steve Jobs landed a job as a video game designer in Atari however he left the job after a few months. After quitting from Atari, he left for India for a spiritual quest.

Shortly after, in 1976, he and Wozinak set up “Apple Computer” by selling some of their prized possessions. In the subsequent years, the company did very well in their sales and trading. However, in the coming months, the standard fell and the company failed to satisfy their customers even with their new devices.

In 1985, Jobs left the company that he co-founded and started a new venture called NeXT, Inc. In the next year, Steve bought an animation company which went on to become Pixar Animation Studios. The studio was successful and it later on merged with the most popular “Walt Disney” in the year 2006. However, NeXT, Inc. failed to do well and was eventually bought by Apple in the year 1996. In 1997, Steve came back to Apple and took the post of CEO.

In the year 2003, it was told to Steve that he had a neuroendocrine tumor which is a type of pancreatic cancer. The doctors told him that its treatable through surgery however Jobs kept on postponing his surgery.  But he finally decided to get it operated in 2004.

Apple was running many successful ventures including iTunes and iPods, a these are the two projects from where most of the revenue for Apple was being earned.

In the start of 2009 it was being speculated that Jobs’ health issue were resurfacing and that his weight loss was one indicator.

Jobs got married to an MBA student Laurene Powell from Stanford Business School on 18th March, 1991, the couple had three children together and lived in Palo Alto, California. Jobs also had a daughter “Lisa” with his girlfriend Chrisann Brennan. Lisa was born in 1978.

The technological genius passed away at the age of 56 years on 5th October, 2011 after suffering from pancreatic cancer for around ten years.

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