Lahore ATMs Started Throwing Up Fake Currency Notes

Lahore ATMs Started Throwing Up Fake Currency Notes.PakistanTribe.Com

Lahore ATMs Started Throwing Up Fake Currency Notes.PakistanTribe.Com

LAHORE – ATM machines of Lahore started throwing up the fake currency notes creating a big unsolvable trouble for account holders.

A local media outlet reported that ATM machines in Lahore started throwing up fake currency notes. An account holders who received fake notes from ATM when claimed for real notes, he was sent back by Manager of the bank as he had said that there is no claim for fake currency notes delivered by ATM.

Some sources revealed that fake currency note holders in Lahore are running their business with high speed as the received some concrete evidences about involvement of cashiers with gang.

“Mixing up around 40 to 50¬†fake currency notes in total amount of 2 million will not make it easy to trace the fake ones,” ¬†said a source.

Fake currency note supplier who are running a big business in provincial capital of Punjab are linked with bank staff. The cashiers receive a handsome amount as a reward for mixing up the fake currency notes with real ones.

When a former bank manager was talked about this issue he said taht now a days cashiers are not too expert to check the fake notes. He said that this may be taken up at higher level as it is a big question mark on reputation of banks.

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