Staying Happy; All It Takes Is Some Will

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Often while reading or browsing, I come across words or quotes that seem interesting. Before being tech savvy, I used to write them down, but now I rather take a screenshot or save them as a note on my phone.

So the other day, while I was surfing the internet I came across this quote. “People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

And it took me a while, to absorb and comprehend what this meant. It may seem like a very ordinary saying to some of you but, to me, it communicated a lot. I further found out that this was a quote by Abraham Lincoln, former US president. So I decided that it would not be a bad idea to reflect on this.

Happiness has a lot to do with choice. It is not just a feeling but rather a state of mind too and impacts a lot on how we deal with the things around us and the people that we choose to call ours.

There are times in our lives when we feel down or depressed. And trust me this is very natural. We all might have different reasons for feeling so, someone might be depressed due to money issues and others might be unhappy due to a relationship. To cut it short, there are times when we all feel miserable. We might fake a smile and pretend to be having the time of our life but only we know what is going on inside this heart of ours.

We might end up feeling worthless and totally miserable, like it’s the end of the world. But trust me, IT IS NOT.

Like other choices that we make daily, from the amount of sugar that goes into our cup of coffee to what we choose to wear for office, staying happy is also a decision that you have to make. And why shy away from making this decision? Being happy is not only very productive it is also very healthy. I am not asking you to buy that diamond ring which you always desired or purchase that heavy bike which you saw on that TV commercial. All I want you to do is to take baby step towards happiness.

Do small little things that satisfy your inner self, read that book you never got a chance to finish, or watch the blockbuster movie with your spouse. If not that than go for an evening walk with your kids and take care of the plants in your backyard. These things might seem meaningless or too routine to you but once you make up your to gain happiness from such small effortless tasks, all of these “routine” things will suddenly become very meaningful, and that too because you associate good mood and a positive energy from these everyday jobs.

All we need to do is to have a positive attitude towards things. There is no harm in wishing for more but try and be content with what you already have. A few slight changes in routine and habits can actually make a great deal of difference.

Although, it depends from person to person but meditation and praying can also make a lot of difference since they give you a chance to have a timeout from routine.

I know that the people or one’s surroundings also make a lot of difference to one’s state of happiness but at the end of the day, you are your own master, right? Try and be happy and see how magically it transforms the state of your relationships too.

After all, there is no harm in trying to remain happy and positive; all it takes is some will.

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