The Ultimate Guide To Wedding Photography

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The wedding season is never over in Pakistan. Weddings here are popular for being very desi, fun and entertaining.

The celebrations- spread over a minimum of 4 days, speaks volumes about Pakistanis festive nature.

And Once after all the partying and the events are over, the only two things we can rely on to relive the blast that we had during the ceremonies is either our memory or the photographs. The latter is just the one on which I shall focus on in this blog.

Amina Zahid Photography

Wedding photography is one of the hardest decisions that the couple or the family of bride and groom will ever make. After all one does not want to end up with a wedding video that plays some ancient Bollywood tune at the time of the bride’s rukhsati (precisely what happened in my sister’s case).

You want to hire a photographer who will capture the right moments and the right people (I speak from my heart when I say ‘right people’). I had this particular experience when my sister got married. When the wedding was over, the photographer whom we hired came to deliver the photographs and when I had a look at them, I was annoyed. Big time. Because apart from a few good shots, all he managed to cover was Mr “XYZ” shaking hands with Mr “ABC”. I-the bride’s beloved sister, was nowhere in sight (thankfully we had another photographer covering the event as well).

So I write this blog, in order to point out a few wedding photography basics. And since I am no expert on the subject, I contacted one of Rawalpindi/Islamabad’s emerging photographers, Amina Zahid, who has been in the business since 2011.

Amina, who has earned a degree in Media Studies, says that one of the most important things you need to consider when hiring a photographer is that he/she should blend well with the families and the couple. A photographer who will always feel as an outsider would never be able to do his/her job properly. For this matter, it is also important that the families give the photographer space and let him/her mingle with them.

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The second most important point according to Amina Zahid is: “Hire someone who you think has the right attitude towards their work and has experience in the field.” An experienced photographer would never miss an important moment, whereas comparatively, a new comer would struggle to be at the right spot for capturing the exact memory. As I mentioned earlier that the photographer should get comfortable with the family, this however does not mean that he/she starts acting to be a part of the family literally, a good photographer will always be very professional in his/her dealings, when at a wedding.

Hire someone whose photography style are you comfortable with. This she says is very necessary. And I’ll tell you why. For example, let’s say you are a girl with a slightly conservative mind set and you have not socialized with your husband-to -be that much (yes people, this still happens in the 21st century and we have to respect every household’s traditions). You certainly do not want to end up with a photographer who is asking you to pose in a very “filmy” manner, asking your fiancée to hold you in his arms (uh oh), this will not only ruin your mood but also your event. Try and do some prior research and go for someone only after you have gone through their portfolio and prior work.

Being a girl herself, Amina tells me that there are clients who specifically ask for female photographers. For Pardah oriented brides and families especially, female photographers are a great source of relief since brides can be much more comfortable in their shoots when a female is instructing them.

For readers who would like to contact Amina Zahid, we are providing you with a link to her official Facebook Page:

Note: All the images used in this blog have been taken from Amina Zahid Photography page with the owner’s consent.

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