Imran says nothing is impossible; making new Pakistan is his dream

Group photo of the paticipants of the cultural day held at Namal College Mianwali | PakistanTribe
Group photo of the participants of the cultural day held at Namal College Mianwali.

MIANWALI – Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has said that there is nothing, which could not be achieved, adding that creation of new Pakistan is his dream.

He said that a person could only be defeated when he accepts defeat, adding that it was shameful that there are two separate systems of education in Pakistan. Imran Khan thanked the Punjab government for providing land for the Namal College.

While addressing the first convocation of Namal College Mianwali, Imran Khan said it was shameful thing that the child of a poor could reach at big post after studying in English medium school. Imran Khan says he became a personality because his parents had resources to educate him in English medium school.

Imran Khan said that he had dreamed for making a technical college, which could become the knowledge city. He said school, college, university, medical and engineering colleges would be established in this college.

Imran khan said that many people said this is impossible, adding that nothing is impossible. He said when someone thinks that something is impossible then it becomes impossible.

Imran Khan said that it has become fact in the society that everything for the rich people, adding that the education is for rich people and justice is for rich people in courts, adding that if someone has money he could make unlawful deed possible and if someone has no money then his just deed could also not be done.

PTI Imran Khan speaking at NAMAL, Mianwali | PakistanTribe

Imran Khan said that children of poor people would be admitted in this college. He said that the college would bear the educational expenses of poor children. He said the college has pad the expenses of 90 percent students who have competed education. He said that the degree which students have completed would cost 50 million rupees at abroad. He said that securing jobs for the degree holders would be easy.

Imran said although he is very critical of the Punjab government but he was grateful to Punjab government for provision of land for the college.

Imran also thanked the commissioner and DCO for their help in acquiring land for the college. 55 students were awarded degrees in the convocation and two students secured gold medals.

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