Nisar says US intentionally killed Hakimullah in drone strike

Nisar says US intentionally killed Hakimullah in drone strike | PakistanTribeISLAMABAD – Federal Minister for Interior Affairs Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has said that the US intentionally killed Hakimuallh Mehsood in drone strike, adding the evidences are also present regarding the matter, reported.

Chaudhry Nisar said the draft of National Security Policy has been prepared and it will soon be announced after Federal Cabinet approval. He said that the draft would be presented in National Security Committee and later on it will be presented in cabinet. The policy would be announced after the approval of cabinet.

While addressing a press conference at the Punjab house Chaudhry Nisar said why Tariq Malik signed another agreement instead of NADRA Ordinance, adding that the salary was raised to 21 lac from 8 lac.

He said according to constitution and MP-1 his pay is only 3 lac, adding according to contract he could be removed after serving one month notice or payment of one month salary in advance.

He said for saving job he is using name of NADRA ordinance and for receiving pay he has signed contract.

“According to the constitution Tariq Malik was removed from the post of NADRA chairman. Scarcity of the NADRA should be kept in mind.”

“Entry of foreigners has been banned in interior ministry” he said “first he has imposed restriction and in the second phase he will install cameras in ministry”.

Nisar said Pakistan is a sovereign country and everyone could not be allowed to enter in the interior ministry.

Nisar said he would present the facts regarding the matter of Tariq Malik after the announcement of the judgment by Islamabad high court, adding that the matter is in court and he will not speak more about the issue.

He said Akram Sheikh presented arguments in court regarding the case. Nisar said there are serious allegations against Tariq Malik, adding that he is enjoying citizenship of four countries.

Nisar said Tariq Malik made more then 100 foreign visits in capacity of official and private without the permission of prime minister.

He said if the PML-N government would appoint new NADRA chief it would be done after advertisement.

“Hanging of Abdul Qadir Mollah was a tragic incident” Nisar said “his Pakistani citizenship was hurt with this incident”.

He said JI was playing patriotic role prior to fall of Dhaka and after the creation of Bangladesh the JI leaders were patriotic to Bangladesh.

Nisar said he is a Muslim first and could only say that this incident should have not happened, adding that this is tragic incident.

He said that the thumb impressions of the polls should be conducted under the supervision of justice (retd) Wajihuddin Ahmed. The matter of thumb verification has become football between political parties.

He said that the US Secretary of State John Kerry and other US officials said that Nisar was saying wrong that the US intentionally carried out drone strike on Hakimulah Mehsood. Nisar said no one could stop him while speaking truth.

Nisar said he is no fear of ministry, adding first he is a Muslim and did not scare from anyone. He said whatever is right he will do for the country whether it annoys someone or make happy someone.

He said if Hakimullah Mehsood would have not been killed then there would have been great progress in the talks with Taliban. He said the US is lying on the matter.

He said if there was problem in thumb verification in several constituencies of Karachi then why the cases were not registered against the responsible.

He said that the hide and seek play should be ended and reality should be informed to the masses regarding the magnetic ink used in the general elections.

Ch. Nisar said that it should be determined that to which areas this ink was supplied and in which areas was not sent and in which areas it was not used.

Nisar said even there is difference in every family, adding there is no difference between him and prime minister, adding that the information regarding his differences with prime minister is based on propaganda.

Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said the draft of National Security Policy has been prepared and it will soon be announced after Federal Cabinet approval.

Nisar said the draft will first be presented in the Cabinet Committee on National Security to be held today (Monday). Then it will be presented in the Federal Cabinet for approval.

Chaudhry Nisar said the policy will have three parts; one is secret, which will not be revealed. The second is strategic‚ giving a road-map as to how we will go ahead and the third part is operational.

He said if any foreign spy including Black Water found in Pakistan then he would be hanged. He said while canceling the agreement of one security agency of Pakistan with US security agency, has black listed this agency.

Interior Minister said the first operation to eliminate terrorism in the country is Dialogue and Peace. This decision has been taken he added. If dialogues are not successful‚ then the other options will be adopted.

He said there will be a time frame for measures to be taken under the policy. He said in this connection a national network will be in place in one year.

Interior Minister said election process is being made doubtful by some parties and allegations are being leveled against the government. He said decisions on complaints against elections are the jurisdiction of election tribunal and courts.

He said it was decided with the approval of the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that administrative control with reference to verification of thumb impressions relating to elections will be transferred to Election Commission for three months for transparency.

He said an office order will be issued today (Monday) after meeting with Secretary Election Commission under which NADRA, which is working under Interior Ministry, will transfer control regarding election matters to the Election Commission for three months.

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has said that termination of NADRA chairman’s contract has nothing to do with verification of votes through thumb impressions.

The minister accused NADRA chairman of forming groups in his department and said that he had also gone on foreign visit without any permission.

Nisar said that he would not speak about Malik until court orders were issued on his case.

He said that magnetic ink was not used in the polling, adding that the FIA would take action if the Election Commission of Pakistan identified irregularities.

The minister said that he was ready to get a case registered over irregularities in Karachi during election if the electoral body intended to guide him on the matter. “I am assigning verification of thumb impressions to the ECP for the next three months,” he added.

To a question, he said that he had never claimed credit for Karachi situation.

Referring to Government’s initiative of dialogue with Taliban‚ he said there will be much progress in this regard if there was no drone attack. He said US officials said they had not carried out drone attack knowingly. But the Minister said Ground realities show that the drone attack‚ in which Hakimullah Masood was killed‚ carried out under well planned strategy to sabotage dialogue process.

The Minister said he took decisions in the interest of the State. He said‚ he cancelled over two thousand official passports which were being misused. He said that the people of all parties were included in those whom official passports were cancels. He said the passports were canceled on the directions of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

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