Pakistan Needs Us! Can We?

Pakistan Needs Us! Can We? | PakistanTribe

Pakistan Needs Us! Can We? | PakistanTribeInternet users in Pakistan are now more than 50m (desktop and mobile), but as a nation, the digital Pakistan has the same problem like we have in real world:

Negativity, hopelessness and yes last but not the least, negative role of media which is the basic cause of decline in moral.

As a Pakistan I’ve only two options “Bardasht Karo ya Pass karo.” So I have decided to do ‘My Bit’ for the cause “the Perception Management and Promoting the Real Image of Pakistan and Pakistanis.”

Here comes the idea of

To do so, I’ve resigned from my current position (Editor of TheNewsTribe, Pakistan’s largest independent and bilingual news website) and have started Currently I’m running the site with few other friends from Journalism and Education sector.

Obviously, as a person I can’t do such a giant task alone or with my few other friends, but we can do it with your help.

NOTE: You may feel that how the above mentioned problems can be addressed/solved through a news website?

In my opinion, our basic problems belong to two different dimensions, Reality and Perception.

To resolve anything real (corruption, literacy, laziness), we’ve to make corrections on ground, but it can’t be done without morale building and saying bye-bye to negativity and hopelessness, developed through the continuous communication, no matter others’ or ours’.

So the solution needs us to work on the communicational ground too. Here comes another question:

The solution needs bigger step; can a news website be effective?

In my view, every problem has many solutions, but we adopt a one, which we can execute given our skills, resources, time and infrastructure level. So here comes, PakistanTribe, with all its neutrality, reach, and authenticity a News Website can use to contribute towards perception management. (Hope, I have answered the questions arisen in your mind)

The Ways You Can Help The Cause:

  1. Share the Ideas (topics, areas to cover/highlight, features for the site) to achieve objective (the Perception Management and Promoting the Real Image of Pakistan and Pakistanis)
  2. Share our Content With Your Friends and Close Circles.
  3. Follow and Share’s Facebook PageTwitterGoogle+ Page  and LinkedIn Group: PakistanTribe with your friends.
  4. Write or refer others to PakistanTribe on the theme (Nation building through Media, Eliminating negative perception and morale uplifting)
  5. If any of your friend/organization wants to advertise on digital landscape, then refer him to PakistanTribe ([email protected] +92 300 33399 694)
  6. Any other thing you feel will be beneficent for the cause
  7. Last but not the least, Your Wishes

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Shahid Abbasi

Shahid Abbasi is founder and editor of with 10 years experience in conventional media, he is one of the pioneers of new/digital media in Pakistan. He tweets @MShahid_Abbasi

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