Another Kite Runner, MALALA?

Another Kite Runner, MALALA?Most of us know very well “The Kite Runner”(2003) was the best seller novel by Khalid Hosseni on Afghan perspective,in general his novel is full of themes.

Racism,friendship,father son relationship,culture,war on terror, bullying and Talbanization. Khalid embroidered his story around two friends Hassan and Amir.Style of Khalid is incredible because numerous matters have been depicted in flexible manner. This book is considered controversial by some owing to showed Taliban in a shape of molesters, sadist, and drug addictors. Hosseeni’s language was also obnoxious in this novel at some extent.

Can we compere the autobiography of Malala with it? In point of fact Taliban and other fundamental groups of Muslims are matters of discussion among western countries after 9/11.

My personal view is that less than 5 percent cannot represent the whole religion and community because up to five are real face.Before summing up this question “I am Malala” should be conferred .

      “I come from a country which was created at midnight.”

We know very well about the importance of opening words of any book.

Be a Pakistani I have many obligations but if I donot fulfill my duties then I deserve to be censured.We feel proud on Malala whose gallantry made her International figure.What will she say that will be considered right by west because she faced the hardships and countered sufferings splendidly.

Malala conveyed negative message of Pakistan in her book although it has been penned down Christina Lamb but these are feelings of Malala not Christina.We respect Malala and in response she should care the feelings of Pakistani’s.Here in Pakistan the books of Malala was being waited but situation was totally change when it appeared in international market.

Malala openly criticized ISI and army but here I wil quote those lines which not only hurt my feelings but also all muslims.She shared her views about “satanic verses(book by damned Rushdi) in that way,

“My father also saw the book as offensive to Islam but believes strongyle in freedom of speech”.

 I still donot know has freedom of speech and free thinking keep any limit or these things are beyond limits?

Why her father need to prove himself as a liberal or free minded man?Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him )is a liberator of humanity and Greatest Man of this universe whose greatest character and deeds made this earth worth living………………I feel pity on innocent girl who has been cleverly used by his father.In this book Muharam is called festival,and another shocking line is here

“Is Islam such a weak religion that cannot tolerate the a book written against it?Not my Islam”.

We are disappointed with papa’s girl.Malala got fame and she deserved it also but Liberalism does not mean judge and interpreted Islam according to any one’s desires.Islam is the perfect code of living life…..It enlightens the mind of humanity.So please donnot interpret it for achieving worldly things.

Pakistan private school association has also banned this book for their reading rooms because disregarding Islam in it.Malala was a role model of teenagers of Pakistan but her ideas injured our souls.

Bottom line of my critique is that it is very complicated to compare both books.

Malala is a kite flyer who rather than chasing kite hold the thread of kite and now she is flying it in a wrong direction.

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