Beauty And Makeup Items That Should Never Be Shared

Powder foundation

Surely sharing is caring, but when it comes to certain Beauty and Makeup items, it is better not to share than to take any risk.

Following are some of the beauty related things that one should avoid sharing:

    • Mascara: Since it is applied very close to one’s naked eye, it is better for everyone to have one of their own. This will reduce the chances of spreading bacterias, and contracting the pink eye or any other infections.
    • Power Foundation: Sponges are known to be the breeding grounds for bacteria therefore it is always a good idea to say NO to your friend when she asks for your pressed powder. Foundations in powdered forms are known to absorb and soak up oils from one’s skin, therefore every time that you apply it on your face, the bacteria also crawl up on your face.

  • Nail Cutters: Sharing nail cutters increases the risks of transmitting nail fungus. The troubles that come with sharing nail clippers can get extremely serious if one mistakenly cuts their skin, since that increases the chances of spreading blood-borne viral infections.
  • Towels: Just like sponges, a wet towel is also bacterias favorite spot for multiplying. Sharing towels undoubtedly increases by manifold the risks of spreading infections and contracting the pink eye.
  • Lip gloss: Their wands are wet, have closed and moist surroundings, which again are a perfect spot for the germs and bacteria to multiple after they have touched a person’s skin. The wands of lip glosses are known to spread herpes and cold sores. So the next time your friend or sister is running out of her lip gloss, make sure that you do not offer her yours.

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