PIA Maintains Its Record For Blunders

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PIA Maintains Its Record For Blunders.PakistanTribe.Com

ISLAMABAD/R.Y.KHAN – Pakistan International Airline (PIA) is famous for its every day blunders as PIA, maintaining its track record, committed a new blunder which is about taking the foreigner crew from Rahim Yar Khan to Lahore without their consent after telling them stories of security threats at Rahim Yar Khan airport.

PIA flight which had reached from Abu Dhabi to Rahim Yar Khan was supposed to stay at Rahim Yar Khan but the Pakistani crew wanted to come their home at Lahore.

The foreigner crew when opposed, the PIA crew told them the stories of any possible attack on airport. Later the plane was taken to Lahore airport.

This was not unexpected from PIA as every day they give a ‘Headline’ to media for its blunders.

Last month in January, Khwaja Saad Rafique, Minister for Railways faced problem by Pakistani International Airlines (PIA) after returning from Umrah with his family.

According to the details, Saad Rafique had to be seated in sits-ins airport because his luggage got missed when he returned from Saudi Arabia to Lahore.

Saad Rafique protested against PIA at international launch due to missing of his luggage and asked by expressing high anger that is this type of service provided by great people? He also warned to PIA authorities and administration in annoying manner by saying that if PIA will not concentrate on these issues then they have to suffer from heavy loss.

He further added that country is getting insulted day by day due to these type of blunders of PIA. PIA authorities assured Saad Rafique that they will deliver his luggage as soon as possible after searching it.

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