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Facebook Page updating via emailSILICON VALLEY: If you are an avid user of email accounts, whether for professional purposes or just for your passion, these three things will make it easy for you post content and update Facebook pages via email easily.

A prominent internet marketer John Haydon has made it easy for in his book Facebook for Marketers.

You can do this by sending e-mail messages to a specific e-mail address associated with your Facebook Page. This address is private, so don’t share it with anyone except other admins.

Obtain this address by following these steps:

1. From the admin area of your Facebook Page, select Mobile in the lefthand sidebar, as shown in Figure 5-11.

2. Copy the e-mail address in the Mobile tab.

3. Save this e-mail address to your mobile phone as a contact (use the name of your Page).

You can post a status update simply by sending an e-mail to this address — just enter your update into the e-mail’s subject line and leave the rest of the message blank. If you want your status update to include a photo or video, attach the photo or video file to your e-mail message, and the text in your subject line appears as the caption for your photo or video.

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