India Tested Mobile-Launcher For Long Range Missile

India Tested Mobile-Launcher For Long Range Missile.PakistanTribe.Com

India Tested Mobile-Launcher For Long Range Missile.PakistanTribe.Com

NEW DELHI – Jingoism of India and its growing hunger for arms race is raising question for the regional stability as India has tested a mobile launcher for the first time for a nuclear missile capable of delivering a nuclear warhead earlier on Saturday.

India has tested a mobile-launcher which troughs a missile capable to carry nuclear warhead for a long distance. The missile tested was Agni V.

Earlier all the missiles were launched from a concrete launching pad but this was unique as a mini truck (mobile launcher) can through the nuclear warhead for a long distance.

Narendra Modi, Indian Premier, who believes in all time linked with people and wants his people to participate in governmental affair to facilitate to shape better policies, has said in his twitter message that this is a ‘prized asset’ for our forces.

Defence analysts said the canister would make the missile fully road or rail mobile, giving a great deal of secrecy and flexibility to the country’s strategic strike capability.

The alternate to using canister is fixed ground-based silos which are vulnerable to surveillance and attack.

Congratulating team Agni, Air Chief Marshal Anup Raha, who had witnessed the entire launch operations from the control room, called it “a great achievement”.

“This is a momentous occasion. It is India’s first-ever Inter Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) launch from a canister and is a giant leap in country’s deterrence capability,” Avinash Chander, the programme head said.

It is worth mentioning that India, the world’s biggest arms importer, is in the midst of a $100-billion defence upgrade programme.

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