Face Of The Siberian Princess Revealed After 2,500 Years

Face Of The Siberian Princess Revealed After 2,500 Years | PakistanTribe.com

Face Of The Siberian Princess Revealed After 2,500 Years | PakistanTribe.com

Taxidermist revealed the face of 2,500 year-old Siberian princess by using a 3D model of her mummified skull asbe a guide, PakistanTribe.com learnt from International Media.

The remains of the Siberian princess have revealed sophisticated tattoos, evidence of ancient cannabis use and signs of breast cancer.

For the first time, a Swiss taxidermist has created a likeness of Princess Ukok using a 3D model of her mummified skull as a guide.

Over two weeks, Marcel Nyffenegger painstakingly built layers of replica facial muscles, tissue and skin to reconstruct an accurate bust of the royal ice maiden.

The Siberian mummy was dug from her permafrost burial chamber on the high Ukok Plateau in the Altai Mountains in 1993.

Previous analysis of her remains found sophisticated tattoos of ‘great artistry’ featuring images of fantastical creatures.

And, in her tomb, experts found clothing and headdresses, a make-up bag, and a stash of cannabis, enabling experts to build a detailed picture of her life.

In October, an MRI scan of the 2,500-year-old mummy revealed she died after suffering from acute breast cancer.

‘The three first thoracic vertebrae showed a statistically significant decrease in signal and distortion of the contours, which may indicate the metastatic cancer process.’

He concluded: ‘I am quite sure in the diagnosis-she had cancer.

‘Only cancer could have such impact.’

Her actual cause of death may have been from a secondary factor, however, which is thought to have been an injury from her fall.

Breast cancer has been known to mankind since the times of the Ancient Egyptians yet this is believed to be the first time such a diagnosis has been made on a mummified ancient woman whose remains were preserved in permafrost, frozen for more than two millennia.

She was buried in the middle of June-according to food that was found in the stomachs of horses buried alongside her.

Earlier evidence found a container of cannabis in her burial chamber, as if she might require it in the afterlife.

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