Mother Slaughtered Her Three Kids In Washington DC

Mother Slaughtered Her Three Kids In Washington DC.PakistanTribe.Com

Mother Slaughtered Her Three Kids In Washington DC.PakistanTribe.Com

WASHINGTON DC – Western society, in the race of materialism have forgotten the love for relation as in Washington DC a mother slaughtered her three little kids as she was getting tease for the voices of her children.

International media reported that a lady in capital of world’s super power slaughtered her three kids as she was tense and the voices of her babies were not appealing her.

She was sitting in her home and babies were crying as they wanted something, the lady tried to keep them quite but when they did not keep silent she picked a knife and slaughtered them all, luckily all they were survived.

Lady, after slaughtering her babies called police and told that her kids are not feeling well and she needs them to be in hospital. Police when arrived in home, a shocking scene was waiting for them.

Babies were crying in three different rooms who were immediately rescued to hospital.

Later in the custody of Police she told that due to high depression she was unable to think what she is actually doing with them. She also blamed that her husband is not taking care of her babies and left her alone.

Police told that two siblings were of six months and one was aged to two years.

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