This Is Time To Adopt The Path Of ‘Muhammad The Merciful’

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This Is Time To Adopt The Path Of 'Muhammad The Merciful' .PakistanTribe.Com

ISLAMABAD – Federal Minister for Information Pervez Rasheed believes that the ‘Muhammad The Merciful’ was an example of peace and harmony for the people of world and blasphemous act against Him should be tackled with patience as it is the track path given by Prophet (P.B.U.H).

The Federal Minister of Information said that “no doubt insulting the personality who is being followed by billions of people is not good but we are the followers of that personality who calmly treated His enemies so we should adopt his path.”

CHe referred examples from the life of Muhammad The Merciful and told story of a women who used to throw garbage on Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) but prophet did not retaliate with aggression.

He advised Muslims to respond such incidents with great patience so that the non Muslims may realize their mistakes.

He was talking to media and religious personalities in a conference in Islamabad.

Talking about the attitude of Non-Muslims miscreants he said that as they have no guideline to right path so we should expect such things from those but as we know the Prophet’s life and His dealing with such people so we should adopt his life track.

Considering Muslims’s reaction on Charlie Hebdo’s blasphemous act he guided Muslims to go to Vatiken pope’s representative in Pakistan and record protest against Charlie Hebdo.

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