A New Age Of Bilateral US-INDIA Relation

A New Age Of Bilateral US-INDIA Relation .PakistanTribe.Com

A New Age Of Bilateral US-INDIA Relation .PakistanTribe.Com

NEW DELHI/WASHINGTON D C – Obama has a good record to strengthen bilateral relations with other countries as he took steps to establish relations with Cuba and later on with Iran, Now he is in India to strengthen ties with the world’s largest democracy India whose today’s prime minister Narendra Modi was banned from entering the US because of concerns over his human rights record.

Bilateral relations of the world’s two biggest democracies have never been smooth throughout the past as US is shaking hand with the Modi who was once banned to come to US.

People gave given different opinion on this change in political scenario.

An Indian born US national lawyer Seema Singh says that “There has been a vast change in attitude; it’s like a total 360-degree turn.”

She further said “Our community is very involved in politics; they have a lot of clout. It’s a huge vote bank for any politician who is running.”

As immigration reform and trade liberalisation is also on the US agenda for Sunday’s summit meeting, so Sujai Shivakumar, a scientist at the National Research Council in Washington believes that “Almost every upper-middle-class family, and increasingly more middle-class Indian families, has a family member who is a professional in the United States.”

He further said that “Given the relative ease of travel and, in the past decade, the nearly free cost of communication, these family networks have been preserved and extended. This means, among other implications, that a critical mass of educated Indians in India have been exposed to and even understand the American mindset.”

Waheguru Pal Singh Sidhu, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution believes about that “I think this summit very much underlines the role that the Indian diaspora has played in the kind of bilateral relationship,”

He added that “Sometimes quite to the surprise of Indians, but I think this is something which is also going to come up and resonate in the course of this particular visit.”

However Ben Rhodes, Obama’s deputy national security adviser “The president will speak to the fact that we’ve often noted this potential for the US-India relationship – two very large economies, the two largest democracies in the world, a large India diaspora that has thrived here in the United States.”

“People have long looked at this relationship and seen the fundamentals in place for a really, really close partnership, and yet it’s been a challenge in translating that into outcomes.”

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