Government-Run Schools In Islamabad Have No Furniture For Students

Government-Run Schools In Islamabad Have No Furniture For Students.PakistanTribe.Com

Government-Run Schools In Islamabad Have No Furniture For Students.PakistanTribe.Com

ISLAMABAD – Government have badly failed to provide basics to its citizens as a school in capital city is deprived from the furniture and students are forced to sit on the floor, PakistanTribe reported.

It is a big question for government that the basics of its citizens have not given to them and the claims of government are much higher than the realities.

A government-run school Islamabad Model Collage For Girls (IMCG) located in Khanna Dak area in capital city have no furniture and students have no option except to sit on the cold floor.

The very poorest condition is that the students from the fifth and sixth classes are crammed in the corridors.

A little student sobia showed her helplessness saying that “We feel ashamed that we neither have furniture in our school nor proper classrooms. My friends who study in private schools make fun of me for being a student of a school like this.”

A Teacher in school who will not be identified here highlighted the negligence of government as “Our school is being called a ‘model’ school, but we don’t even have a single bench to sit on.”

People of locality said that they have many times registered complaint for unavailability of furniture but it was of no use.

“No one cares about schools. Education is not a priority for those in power,” he said.

However Abbas Ali Maka, Area Education Officer (AEO), said that “In the past, there was one building which housed both the primary and middle school. There was also enough furniture. However, since the enrollment went up, the primary section was shifted to a rented building and the existing furniture was not enough.”

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