Adviser Petroleum And Oil Mafia Are Reasons For Oil Crises In Pakistan

Government Suspended Four More Official Of PSO Responsible For Oil Crises.PakistanTribe.Com

Secretory Petroleum And Oil Mafia Are Reasons For Oil Crises In Pakistan.PakistanTribe.Com

ISLAMABAD – Oil crises was not created accidentally but it was a ‘planned crises’ as concrete evidences found about involvement of  adviser petroleum Zahid Muzaffar in disappearance of oil, PakistanTribe received reports.

Zahid Muzaffar, whose appointment is reported to on political pressure as adviser petroleum had miss-communicated the wrong figures to Economic Coordination Council (ECC) about the 18 days stock of oil. He was reported to have meetings in Dubai with international mafia of oil.

With the decrease of oil prices in international market the private companies could not store stock of 20 days, which was a legal standard of oil stock issued by Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA).

OGRA had issued show-cause notice to 13 private oil companies, here Zahid Muzaffar played his role. He is very close friend of a federal minister and was appointed by him as secretory.

It was also revealed that he was given a main luxury office consisting on two rooms in ministry.

He used to have meetings in recent past in Dubai with international traders of oil and later he presented the figures to EEC which were not factual.

Due to Oil crises the profit of private companies has been skyrocketed where PSO is facing the pressure of people and government.

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi did not play any role even he knew about the appointment and luxurious given to Zahid Muzaffar. Other officers in Ministry have no proper office to sit and work but Zahid was given two fully decorated rooms.

Now three ministries are blaming each other and situation is much more worst than expectations and it needs almost 25 days to reach oil from Karachi port to end user whereas stock of PSO has been finished and also furnace oil stock is no more.

A power crises is also expected due to current oil crises as due to shortage of furnace oil the load-shedding time duration may exceed than 20 hours daily.

According to the report of Pakistani Journalist Riaz Th’heem, it clearly seems that government is not serious in solving the issue and punishing the responsible as five officers were suspended from PSO but root causes have not been dig out.

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