Korangi youth leaders organize leadership training program for other kids

Korangi youth leaders organize leadership training program for other kids | PakistanTribeKARACHI –  As many as 250 kids of Korangi area attended the Korangi Junior Leadership Conference (KJLC) organized by area youth leaders and learnt a variety of skills from top trainers of the country.

The kids aging 13 to 17 from different schools of Korangi area of the metropolis gathered at a local conference hall to learn leadership, conflict resolution and peace building skills that will enable them to play a vibrant role in the society and shun in-activeness.

The organizers of the KJLC, Karachi Youth Initiative (KYI) along with the youth leaders, invited top trainers of Pakistan including Umair Jaliawala, Talha Iqbal, Kamran Rizvi and Saadi Makhdoom to address the participants and motivate them to become leaders of the future.

KYI supported a group of youth leaders from Korangi in organizing the KJLC who had participated in KYI activities of Junior Leadership Conference (JLC) and Youth Empowerment & Leadership Program (YELP) few months back.

The participants of JLC and YELP came forward with an idea to impart the knowledge and skills amongst their peers and organized KJLC with KYI support.

Umair Jaliawala opened the conference and made participants realize the value of their role in the society through his motivational lecture. He also facilitated in formation of teams of the participants and assigned them with different tasks.

A top education trainer of the country, Kamran Rizvi, came to attend the KJLC from Islamabad and won the hearts of participants from his exceptional lecture and motivated them to devote their maximum time to get education which is the foremost need of Pakistani youngsters.

Talha Iqbal described the importance of communications in his lecture and taught participants ways and tools of effective communications being an important part of the leadership skills.

Saadi Makhddom used healthy exercises of coloring and taking out juice of oranges to teach participants how they can let go of their anger and increase tolerance. The kids enjoyed the exercises very much.

A youth leader and an organizer of the KJLC, Akbar, expressed happiness on successful event and said that his team efforts of last two months have paid off now.

He said, “My team worked hard for two months to gather these participants from different schools. We faced difficulties and unwelcoming attitude of school administrations many a times but never gave up.”

KYI Spokesman, Farhan Iqbal, said, “KYI has now started getting the multiple effects of its activities for the youth of Karachi and KJLC proves the fact as the conference was arranged by KYI alumni who once participated in JLC and YELP and now they are giving back to community what they learnt.”


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