World’s Largest Media Gives Good Analysis Of ‘Paris Attack’

World's Largest Media Gives Good Analysis Of 'Paris Attack'.PakistanTribe.Com

World's Largest Media Gives Good Analysis Of 'Paris Attack'.PakistanTribe.Com

PARIS – The world’s Largest media gave a beautiful analysis of Paris attack with relevance to intelligence failure, PakistanTribe received international media reports.

Paris attack had not only shook the France but it was a created a wave of restlessness in all Europe.

Talking about this attack an analysis published in the world’s largest media stated that “France has unusually powerful intelligence agencies, but no Western agency has the legal powers or manpower and resources to conduct intrusive and constant surveillance of thousands of citizens who have not been charged with any crime.”

Referring the intelligence official’s statement it stated “we would need to triple our staff to better protect Paris.”

Here it raised a question that “The challenge is to identify which networks of individuals deserve further attention, on the basis of limited information”.

“That information is even more limited if plots are developed without foreign direction, which minimizes possibilities of eavesdropping, and where plots use more easily available resources, such as guns rather than sophisticated explosives. It would therefore be unfair to blame the French for reportedly dropping their surveillance of Said Kouachi after his return from Yemen without a clearer understanding of the competing threats, and what that initial surveillance had turned up.”

The article also criticized the relation of local police with Muslim community of that area as “The Kouachi brothers had succeeded in building up a cache of arms in their apartment. Neighbors discovered that cache, but they were then intimidated into silence.”

The article concluded as “The new challenge isn’t the prioritization of threats, but the growing mismatch between the number of potential threats and limited resources.”

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