Policemen In Philippine Do Not Like The ‘Pope Francis’ Visit

Policemen In Philippine Do Not Like The 'Pope Francis' Visit |PakistanTribe.Com

Policemen In Philippine Do Not Like The 'Pope Francis' Visit |PakistanTribe.Com

MANILA – Policemen in Philippine will have to wear diapers for four days to avoid toilet needs during their duty on the expected visit of Pope Francis in Philippine, PakistanTribe received international media reports.

It is a strange order for police official that the official will wear diapers during the duty from 15th to 19th January.

The theme of the order is that, the spiritual and religious leader Pope Francis of the catholic sect of christian will visit to Philippine at 15th to 19th January. There he will stay in the capital of the country and will visit to a public gathering.

In Philippine 80% people are Roman Catholics out of its 100 million populations so it is expected that a large number of people will be there during his public visits.

On this occasion the flow of traffic will be very important due to which traffic police will also be engaged on continuous duty.

According to the Manila Metropolitan Authority 2,000 officials will take care of the traffic and the personnel appointed on security duty will also be large in number.

On experimental basis, 800 officials performed the duty while wears the diapers on last Friday.

According to the local media of Philippine, some officials called it a funny order while some officials feel uncomfortable to wear the diaper.

It is pertinent to mention that Pope Francis is in Sri Lanka today where he will see the christian community.

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