Your Favorite Hollywood Celebrities And Their Phobias


We all have fears, and that is what makes us humans. Just like ordinary people, popular celebrities also have fears and phobias.

The fear of something in particular is termed as “phobia”. There are a wide range of very strange and weird phobias that people experience all over the world for example the fear of flowers is called ‘anthophobia’, fear of isolation is known as ‘autophobia’ and then there is the unusual fear of making decisions that is termed as ‘decidophobia’.

Our readers’ would be very excited to know that actors and actresses who play invincible superheroes on our movie screens also have phobias and fears in their real lives.

The savior of Gotham City and the Batman of our Movie screens, Christian Bale says that he has the fear of being boring. While on the other hand, the charming Tobey Maguire, who plays another superhero of our generation, Spiderman is fearless of flying around the city onscreen, admitted that he has the fear of heights. Stange, No?

The Australian beauty Nicole Kidman is afraid of the most mundane insect, butterflies. Robert Pattinson, the good-looking vampire from the Twilight series and veterinary student from the movie Water for Elephants is reportedly afraid of horses.

Jennifer Aniston who had her breakthrough from the famous Television series “Friends” has a fear of flying meaning she has aviophobia. The “Queen of Pop”, American singer, songwriter, actress and dancer Madonna, does not have a very unusual fear. She is frightened of thunder and has brontophobia.

American stunner, Cameron Diaz who was one of the “Charlie’s Angels” and was the voice Princess Fiona from the Shrek Series has the fear door knobs. Scarlett Johansson, who won a BAFTA award for Best Actress in a Leading role for the movie ‘Lost in Translation’, is reportedly terrified of cockroaches. Well at least this one is what we all can relate to, can’t we?

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