Characteristic of Insecurity in Personality

Characteristic of insecurity in personality |

Characteristic of insecurity in personality | PakistanTribe.comThe attribute of insecurity in an individual’s personality is a combination of lack of trust and confidence in own being.

This attribute is found in all age groups of individuals ranging from childhood, teenage to adolescence and beyond. Many times this sense of insecurity grows larger when a person ages as fears of losing the loved ones, possessions and other acquisitions creeps in. At other times, a person becomes more mature as he or she ages; and becomes capable of coping up insecurities effectively.

The feeling of insecurity exists at the domestic, personal and professional level. This feeling prevalent at the domestic and personal level involves instances of relationship management, which inculcates fears, thwarts confidence and trust regarding different relationships. It eventually spoils the relationship dynamics. At the professional level, the feeling of insecurity also prevails amongst the subordinates, fellow colleagues and peers. They fear the loss of their jobs, recognition and esteem in the workplaces. Such feelings of insecurity are largely attributed to communication barriers, low level of self-efficacy in a person, and over indulgence in rivalries and competition. The feelings of insecurity distort one’s personality, and impede the effective utilization of one’s interpersonal skills.

Considering the adverse implications of insecurity residing in one’s personality, there stands a need to overcome this attribute. This can be well managed by holding a firm trust in Allah and by struggling to raise self confidence and self trust. Not holding undue expectations from different relationships, and learning to manage relationships in a balanced way aid in overcoming the sense of insecurity amongst the individuals. In addition, overcoming the communication gap amongst individuals, engaging in positive and healthy competition with individuals, and not imitating practices and values crazily are other positive initiatives for managing the attribute of insecurity amongst individuals.

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