Kalonji; Huge Benefits Of Something So Small


Nigella Sativa, black seeds or simply Kalonji has been dubbed as “A cure for every disease except death” by the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

Kalonji seeds are very minute in size and jet black in color and they have a slightly bitter taste when chewed. Kalonji existed centuries ago and that is how we got to know of its early medicinal uses. Nigella Sativa is used as a spice and herb in our subcontinent and its oil is also widely available and carries equal benefits. These tiny seeds have the power of curing not only day-to-day diseases but also mighty diseases such as Cancers, Epilepsy, Hypertension, Diabetes etc. Other than that, Nigella Sativa works well as an antioxidant so it will do wonders for all those who want to get rid of the toxins in their bodies. And it does not end there; Kalonji is also known to help cure some of the gynecological and hormonal diseases in women.

On the other side, Kalonji oil is also very beneficial for hair related issues. It can be applied directly to hair to cure baldness and hair loss. Also, in winters, Kalonji can be used to cure dandruff, which is a very common issue in the season. The oil derived from Nigella Sativa can also be used to lessen migraines and headaches as well.

Kalonji also comes in handy when treating seasonal Coughs and Flu. Another advantage of Kalonji is that it relieves one from Digestive issues and stomach pains. Intake of Kalonji will help a person get rid of gas, diarrhea and dysentery.

Some home remedies using Kalonji oil or Kalonji are as follows:

For baldness, apply the oil of Kalonji of the specific bald patch regularly.

For diarrhea, add a few Kalonji seeds to fresh yogurt.

For headaches, massage raw Kalonji oil on your head.

For cold and cough, use Kalonji oil in combination with honey and drink with warm water.

So why not get rid of the innumerable minor to major diseases by using something so widely available and friendly to the pocket. Kalonji sure is the cure for all diseases except death.

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