Al-Qaida’s New Threats to Europe

Al-Qaida's New Threats to Europe |

Al-Qaida's New Threats to Europe |

LONDON – Al-Qaida threatens to attacks Europe and in France especially targeting the transport system of the West, learnt from international media.

Prime minister of France revealed that they didn’t get any information from any intelligence agency about the attack on the newspaper.

After the threats of Al-Qaida, security arrangements were made stronger.

Prime Minister of United Kingdom David Cameron sad that terrorism is a challenge for us and announced to do more arrangements for resolving this challenge.

Intelligence agencies of United Kingdom revealed that terrorist can attacks the transport system and it could cause deaths.

According to the authorities, they will provide more resources to security agencies and will check people and cars on the domestic ways to fail the terrorist attacks.

As many as 600 Britons went to Syria to join terrorist groups.

Prime minister of France admits the failure of his intelligence agencies saying their intelligence agencies didn’t give a hint about terrorist attacks.

“It proves that our intelligence have failed fully on this issue.”

France is among those countries which didn’t take part in United States international plans and adventures. But after the Charlie Hebido incident the situation seems to be taking U-turn.


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