Pakistani Special Athlete Stuns International Olympics Committee

Pakistani Special Athlete Stuns International Olympics Committee | PakistanTribeNew Castle, Australia – The successful Pakistani Special Olympic team arrived home from the Special Olympics 2013 Asia Pacific Games, which were held in New Castle Australia from 1st to 7 December 2013.

Pakistani special athlete Syed Osama Mustufa inspired many of the Olympics officials and international athletes. According to Akhmad Sugiarto, a head coach of Indonesia special athletes, he was, totally, stunned by the performance of Osama Mustufa who showed an impressive performance in all game formats including 100 meters, 400 meters and long jump, wherein Pakistani special athlete won bronze medal.

“How can a special athlete from a less developed country may equally compete with the rest of the international athletes despite having an acute lack of training resources and international exposure”, this was expressed by Mr. Jaffery Stewart, the coach of Australian special athletes. “Young Osama Mustufa is, definitely, a rising star from Pakistan”, Mr. Stewart said. Ms. Janet Froetscher, CEO of International Special Olympics, also appreciated the remarkable performance of Pakistani athletes as a whole, and expressed best wishes for its success in the upcoming Olympic games.

Studying in class named ‘Senior 3’ at the Institute of Behavioral Psychology (IBP) Khayaban-e-Bader, D.H.A, Karachi, Syed Osama Mustafa is a ‘Slow Learner’, or a child whose IQ is low enough to cause difficulty in learning in conventional educational settings. The average IQ of slow learners remains around 100, and manage to score between 70 and 90 on IQ tests.

“Slow learners are not mentally retarded, as a majority of people wrongly perceives”, Mr. Syed Aziz Mustafa, the father of Syed Osama, added. “Osama has been the hardworking boy since his childhood, and I feel pride when my son represented the country despite being the intellectually-challenged”, Mr. Mustafa explained. Syed Umair Mustafa, an elder brother of Osama, also added that Osama, himself, believes in winning positively, and it’s his deep love with the country which helped him achieve distinction for Pakistan on an international level.


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