Tharparkar Again Produced Another Bad News

Tharparkar Again Produced Another Bad News.PakistanTribe.Com

Tharparkar Again Produced Another Bad News.PakistanTribe.Com

THARPARKAR – The hunger for death of Tharparkar has not finished yet as five other children died in Chachro Tharparkar due to malnutrition, PakistanTribe reported.

Five other children died in Chachro Tharparkar due to famine. These children were under treatment in hospital but could not survive.

Death of children in Tharparkar and criminal silence of government has become the destiny of Tharparkar. Earlier a day ago ,according to hospital resources in Tharparkar, a baby was died due to lack of food.

Prior to this it was already reported by PakistanTribe that Tharparkar  had passed 100 most worst days of its history as death tall was raised to 278 infants mortality.

The worst famine have captured the people of Tharparkar especially infants are dying every passing day due to less medical facilities, less food and unavailability of clean water.

Last day 4 more little kids were died at civil hospital in Mithi. As many as six children had died due to malnutrition, pneumonia and other diseases in drought-hit Tharparkar on Friday.

The children have died in Mithi, Chhachhro, Islamkot, Nangarparkar and other areas of the district, where death has become a routine.

The number of dying children is increasing especially after the on set of winter, as they are affected rapidly by chest infections, like pneumonia.

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