The Next Time You Think Of Skipping Breakfast, Think Again

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The sort of busy routine that each member of a family in Pakistan has these days, it is not unusual for them to start their day in a rash manner.

For organized people, mornings are probably the best time of the day where they can start their daily routines by a walk, some yoga or maybe just a healthy and proper meal. However, for the unorganized or rather the “unfortunate” ones, mornings are equivalent to panic, rush and haphazardness. Such people start their day by constantly snoozing the alarm clocks, taking almost half an hour on deciding what to wear, and figuring out where their belongings are in the rest of the time. Hence by the time they are on the verge of getting late for work or class, they rush out mostly by compromising on their breakfast, the MOST important meal of the day. This is the exact reason why these ill organized people should be called unfortunate.

Below are the three simple reasons why you should NEVER miss your breakfast:

It kick starts your day:

This is the most basic reason why you should not skip your breakfast. It is the first meal of the day and this is exactly what your body would be counting on after almost an 8 hour gap of no food intake at all. Cereals, milk, eggs provide you with the healthiest nutrients that will make your body work in a better way.

Makes you mentally sharper:

So the next time you find your boss or teacher complaining that you are being lethargic and inattentive, you would know what went wrong. You probably missed your breakfast. That is right; having a healthy breakfast in the morning makes you more alert and gives you the right amount of energy that your body and brain needs, in order to function efficiently and attentively.

It is an effortless way to shed some pounds:

Who would want to skip their breakfast now? It has been proven by researches over the years that having high fiber and whole wheat products for breakfast can help one lose weight. Also, by skipping your breakfast, you end up eating more than routine once it is time for lunch, so why be so cruel to your body by avoiding breakfast in the first place?

So the next time you are running late for office or a lecture, never let it be at the cost of your breakfast.

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