Paris Under Attack; Police Operation Is Underway

Paris Under Attack; Police Operation Is Underway.PakistanTribe.Com

Paris Under Attack; Police Operation Is Underway.PakistanTribe.Com

PARIS – The combat operation against terrorists is underway in Paris and children of nearest schools have been evacuated, PakistanTribe received international media reports.

Around 1,000 children have been evacuated from the nearby two primary and two secondary schools and taken to a nearby town some of them were heard shouting.

President François Hollande had addressed the nation, ensuring the people that police would do everything possible to guarantee people’s safety.

“France values its principles,” Hollande said. “It will be able to resist all of the challenges. I have confidence in you.”

Operation is still underway and police’s Special Weapon and Tactics Team (SWAT) is participating to arrest them. Hala Jaber a local journalist reported privately

Locals say the building where the siege is taking place is a small family printing firm and there were around five people working there. Terrorists are inside the building in Paris and it not clear yet how many were in the building at the time the attackers arrived around 9am (France Local Time) also it is unclear how many hostages are in the building. Reporting about the involvement of leadership a French local paper reported in twitter

An eye witness Didier, a salesman, who just came across the terrorists suddenly, told France Inter radio how he came face-to-face with one of the suspects holed up in the small CTD office in Dammartin-en-Goele, about an hour north of the capital.

“When I arrived my client came out with an armed man who said he was from the police. My client told me to leave so I left,” Didier said, identifying the man he was to meet with as Michel.”I was in front of the door. I shook Michel’s hand and I shook the hand of one of the terrorists.”

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