Facebook CEO’s Firm Reaction Over “Controversial Content”

mark-zuckerberg-facebook-chinaCEO of the most popular social media website, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the news that he has been receiving death threats from an extremist Pakistani over the issue of not banning the controversial cartoons regarding the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on Facebook.

Mark unveiled more details regarding the threats saying that he became the subject of these threats two days after the Charlie Hebdo shooting episode in Paris, France, that led to the death of 12 people and notable cartoonists.

Mark wrote the following on his Facebook post,

“A few years ago, an extremist in Pakistan fought to have me sentenced to death because Facebook refused to ban content about Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) that offended him.” “As I reflect on yesterday’s attack and my own experience with extremism, this is what we all need to reject — a group of extremists trying to silence the voices and opinions of everyone else around the world,” he further wrote. “I won’t let that happen on Facebook. I’m committed to building a service where you can speak freely without fear of violence,” he guaranteed. “Facebook has always been a place where people across the world share their views and ideas. We follow the laws in each country, but we never let one country or group of people dictate what people can share across the world.”

As a response, Mark’s post got around 120,000 ‘likes’ and few comments. Furthermore, he answered to one of the comments where one man asked him that what became of the post that annoyed the extremist and whether it got banned or not. He said,: “It’s not against our policies to talk about Prophet Muhammed (pbuh). We did block the content in Pakistan where it was illegal, but we didn’t block it in the rest of the world where it is legal.” Mark also incorporated the latest trending hashtag #JeSuisCharlie to express grief for those affected by the attack. “My thoughts are with the victims, their families, the people of France and the people all over the world who choose to share their views and ideas, even when that takes courage,” he concluded.

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