Altaf Hussain Not Only Congratulated Imran Khan But Criticied On Marriage

Altaf Hussain Says He Is Not Afraid Of Trial.PakistanTribe.Com

Altaf Hussain Not Only Congratulated Imran Khan But Criticied On Marriage.PakistanTribe.Com

KARACHI / LONDON – MQM Leader Altaf Hussain not only congratulated Imran Khan on his marriage but also criticized him as he is celebrating happiness whereas Peshawar Incident is still in memories of People.

MQM Leader congratulates Imran Khan for his marriage and wishes for his happy life but also he said that Imran Khan should have wait for his marriage.

He said it is too early that he is marrying  despite the memories of Peshawar merciless incident is in our memories. He criticized that this was not right time to celebrate.

He showed his grief on Peshawar attack and said that the murderer of innocent children are alive and planning for another attack on innocent kids. Imran’s marriage in this time is not a good decision.

He also criticized the role of media and said that media is celebrating this event whereas Imran Khan himself made his function very simple.

He said that media should have play a positive role as in this event as it is just a news and this news should have been communicated simply but TV channels are highlighting the event more than requirement.

It is pertinent to mention that different people gave different type of messages, film actor Mustafa Qureshi said “Earlier one ‘Khan’ was giving tough time to opponents and now both Khan have joined hands, one is journalist and second is political leader.”

His sportsman friend Inzam Ul Haq said that “i am very happy on this marriage and i pray that he will find peace in his life.”

Jamat e Islami Chief Siraj-Ul-Haq said that “Marriage is sunnah of Prophet and i advise to all who have not married yet to marry as it is Sunnah,” He added that “Marriage of Imran Khan is good news especially in this current political scenario of country.”

Earlier on Tuesday Maulana Fazlur Rahman – JUI F Chief – when asked a question about Imran Khan’s marriage he said that “Imran Khan is older than mine in age and as i have no desire to be married second time so i will not utter words on this topic.”

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